How to Launch a Successful Spa Royalty Program

Loyalty cards are some of the most ubiquitous items in our increasingly consumerist society. You probably have loyalty cards for some of the top hotel chains, airlines, favorite supermarkets and even your favorite spa and salon. One of the best ways to increase the profits and customer loyalty for your day spa is by launching a generous loyalty program that your customers will be happy to sign up for. The best way to accomplish this is by choosing online booking software that allows you to seamlessly launch and manage these loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs or the loyalty points play a very important role in the day spa business. They are a form of appreciation to your customer for choosing you every time they need a service. They will encourage your customers to stay loyal to your brand and also incentivizes them to shop across board for the various day spa services that you are offering at your facility. A lot of customers also use loyalty program as a way of “saving” a few dollars for future services. The points that they have accumulated over time at your day spa can be redeemed in the future for services offered.

The conclusion from the rollout of the loyalty programs is that they work but how can you ensure that you roll this out successfully to the advantage of your business?

Creating the loyalty program for your day spa

With a spa royalty program that is well supported by a robust online booking software, you will be able to get better customer retention rates over the long term which is good for business. Through good online booking software, a good online marketing strategy and a good spa service, you have already done the hard work of attracting the customer to use your spa facility. Why not offer them an incentive to keep them coming back? That is the logic behind investing in a good loyalty program for your day spa business.

There are many freebies that you can offer as incentives in your loyalty programs. If you have good online booking software, you will be able to implement this with relative ease on your spa booking platform. For example, you can incent your customers by offering them points for every purchase which can in the future be redeemed against service. In order to attract even more customers to your spa, you can offer loyalty points for every customer referral by existing customers or even through affiliate programs.

When your customers are enrolled in your loyalty programs, they will be more engaged in your business. For example, they will be willing to spend more money in order to earn more points; they will offer you more referrals and also visit your day spa more frequently in order to accumulate their points.

Structuring Your Loyalty Programs

This is one of the most critical factors that will lead to the success of your loyalty programs. So how should the loyalty program be structured in your business? When structuring the loyalty program, you will do it with benchmarks. For example, you can equate $1 to 1 point and then offer customers some freebies or services whenever they hit certain benchmarks that you have set into the system. In spas, the loyalty points tend to have more zeros. For example, $1 may be equivalent to 100 points. You can successfully implement a loyalty program without much hassle by choosing a spa booking solution that offers good support for this feature such as netbookings.

The spa booking software with the loyalty program features will enable you to specify the points and automatically tracks and updates the points whenever the customer pays a visit to the spa. As a result, you will not waste time and energy in manually tracking the loyalty points in order to make the program a success.

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