Choosing the Right Boat for a Memorable Melbourne Cruise

Life offers many little thrills that you can take advantage of, one of which are boat rides. Whether you need a fun outdoor trip with your friends or you are looking for an intimate day with your loved one, a boat hire Melbourne is a great opportunity to exploit!

boat hire Melbourne

boat hire Melbourne

Blue Boat Hire Services is a company that offers great boating rates for clients in Melbourne. You will get a boat that is both appropriate for a cruise or a fishing expedition at affordable prices.

Depending on your needs, there are different types of boats available for hire to choose from. Below are some crucial features of a boat to look out for before hiring one:

  1. Size of the boat and its floor plan.

When choosing a Melbourne boat hire, the craft you should settle for ought to have the right number of cabins. As such, a boat with 10 berths might not be suitable for the same number of adults as some berths might be meant for children. A boat with double berths might also be ill-appropriate for single people making a cruise.

It is important to check out all the features of a boat, especially when it comes to size – ensuring that everybody in your travelling party will be well-accommodated.

The spacing of a boat’s floor plan also influences the occupants’ ease of movement and thus, should not be ignored.

  1. Provisions for disabled people.

If you are venturing out to find the appropriate boat hire Melbourne for a disabled individual on board, go for a boat with the right provisions. You should also bear in mind the needs of a disabled person to have easy access on the deck and his cabin.

  1. Design of the steering position.

The ease with which a boat is steered should not be lost on you when looking for a boat hire Melbourne. Aside from boats with raised and central cockpits, you can also find crafts with other unique designs that offer easy steering.

However, the guiding point should be a person’s comfort when steering and the range of visibility possible.

  1. Sanitation facilities on board.

You can be lucky to get a bath as most boats have shower rooms. The amount of space available in a washroom should also be considered as you seek for a convenient boat hire in Melbourne.

  1. Appropriate aids for maneuvering.

If you are only crusing with one person, you need to get as much aid for maneuvering as you can. Bow thrusters can come in handy if you are travelling with a few people as well.

Blueys Boat Hire services have a wide range of boat types to choose from. For those in Melbourne, there are many thrilling water activities that you can engage in if you get the appropriate boat hire.

Blueys Boat Hire Services also make it easy for you to find boat hire Melbourne. There are no stringent requirements needed from you as the company’s expert team ensures that you can get real value for money spent.

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