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Enjoy Your Holidays With Keith

For all the sports buffs who desire for that extra luxurious sports and stay experience, Keith Prowse Travel has a lot to offer them. Keith Prowse Travel is a world famous name which offers sports and entertainment tour packages for events across the globe. They are the official travel partners for some the most famous international sport and entertainment events, like with Cathay Pacific/HSBC for the hong kong sevens packages.

Here’s the best part though: they offer customized packages tailored according to the requirements and budget of their clients! They were the first to sell tickets for Ascot, Wimbledon, Chelsea Flower Show and the Open Golf Championships, and opened their first ticketing office in London in 1830. Presently the company is based out of Sydney, Australia. Keith offers tickets for the most honored sports and entertainment events. They also have packages for accommodations in the best destinations across the globe. They can arrange the complete package according to what suits the customers’ requirement. They take care of everything right from stay, to food and bookings for events and festivals, just to create that extraordinary and unforgettable experience for their customers.

Keith offers small group tours with family and loved ones or with the corporate team at the sport tournaments anywhere across the world. Its signature travels are Melbourne Cup Carnival, US sport tickets and Wimbledon. They say “We give you a better experience along the way, and plenty to reminisce about when it’s over”. They only partner with high quality and well renowned vendors to offer delight for their customers, in every possible way. Keith Prowse Travel can build tailored packages for the events keeping in mind the interest of their customers. Some of the latest packages for upcoming events are Australia Open Tennis package,hong kong sevens packages, International Champions Cup and Singapore Grand Prix package.

Keith offers the unforgettable experience of the Singapore Grand Prix. The world’s only Formula One night race, in the mesmerizing city of Singapore. The atmosphere will be lit with the perfect sights, sounds and the enthusiastic crowd of the stadium.

Experience the favorite summer sport of Australia, with the Australian Open tennis tournament. Keith offers packages where the world’s best tennis players battle for the most renowned tittle of tennis, in the beautiful city of Australia.

The captivating game of Football is coming to the city of Australia. With the enthusiastic and colorful fans in the Melbourne Park, join the players for winning the trophy of football. Keith invites all to experience and enjoy it in the “Keith way”.

Keith is the official travel agent with Cathay Pacific/HSBC hong kong sevens packages.  Hong Kong invites the rugby fans from around the globe to participate in the tournament of Hong Kong Sevens, the world famous rugby tournament. Explore it with the Keith hong kong sevens packages.

If anyone wants to gift an outstanding travel experience or an incentivetravel to their loved ones or team mates, Keith offers an individualized Gift Voucher for a dollar value. These packages can be made and tailored to shape the perfect holiday. This Gift voucher can be used for booking tickets of any world famous sports or entertainment event or for staying at the dream accommodation around the world.

Algarve: Where Beautiful Memories Await

A family holiday can be really fun and an excellent way to bond. Fishing is one activity that offers this experience. If this is on your mind, then Algarve is the hottest destination. This Portugal city offers a lot for the entire family. All you need to do is look out for family fishing Algarve portals offer for an exciting trip.


Fishing Activity for All Ages

A family has members of different age groups. So a group of an extended family with children and cousins can easily look forward to experiencingfamily fishing Algarve fishermen offer. The trip is set with boats and various fleets that are run by these experienced fishermen. So if you like, hop onto a boat with the bait, equipment, and other tools. And don’t forget the camera. The entire coastline is excellent for fishing and sailing around for the entire day. The fishermen get a chance to showcase their skills also to the people. If you are new to fishing and intend on taking it up as a hobby, then this is the best destination to explore and learn everything about this relaxed activity. The entire area of Algarve is Portugal’s sunshine coast that has excellent beaches. Several holidaymakers repeat the family fishing trips Algarve tourists love, during the peak season. The place is full of activities for kids of all ages, other than fishing. There are other areas as well, such as Albufeira and Vilamoura, which offer trips to catch different fishes.

Getting the Best Catch!

Only three hours away from the UK, the Algarve beckons the fishy traveler for many reasons. Count on the numerous family fishing trips Vilamouraregion offers to know where to get the best catch. Not all fishes are for catching in the net. The sight of the dolphins is exciting as they emerge from the blue waters. A fisherman guide will help anyone to understand the nuances of getting the best catch of the day. So just choose from the different family fishing Algarve trips to soak the sun and also enjoy the enjoy local landscape surrounding the area. The fishermen know the waters and help families to enjoy the trip deep in the waters.

Don’t Forget the Fishing License

This is one of the main pre-requisite for the family outing. Every person has to have a license or a ticket to fish in the region.  Both adults and children need tickets for a challenging day at sea. July to September is the best time to visit this holiday destination.  It is also a fabulous time to explore family fishing trips Albufeira promotes, not only for the day but also for the sunset BBQ. Once the family hires the boat, they can enjoy a lovely BBQ. It is a memorable experience for all members of the family. It is a beautiful 6-hour ride into the sea where one can see the sunset. After food and drinks, one comes back to the coastline to the Albufeira marina. Hence, make an online booking to get the best deal.