Noosa – A Perfect Destination for Holidaying and Enjoying Vintage Cycling

Next month, in August, Noosa is going to witness the celebration of cycling as StradeBianche, the celebration of steel-framed bicycles, will be held. Started in 2011, this annual event has become one of the premier vintage cycling events in Australia that attracts a number of cycling enthusiasts from all over the country. If you too are participating in the event or want to witness this celebration, it’s better to book any of the holiday homes Noosa has.

When there is any such event in the city, it is natural that the holiday homes Noosa wide and other accommodations are filled in quickly. Thus, if you do not find Noosa accommodation fast, you may land up in a situation where getting a good place for your stay will be a big problem.

Getting accommodation in Noosa

Noosa is a pristine place for holidaying, so even if you are there for the cycling event you can also enjoy the beauty of Noosa. There are different options available for accommodation in Noosa and these include Noosaville resorts, hotels, lodges, and holiday homes. You can choose among them based on the level of comfort that you expect while you are there.

There are different ways for getting an accommodation in Noosa, and the most appropriate one is by getting your booking done online. Especially when there are some events occurring at any place the demand for accommodation increases. So, the moment you decide on the dates when you will be there, it is necessary to start looking for the best accommodation within your budget.

When you look online and find some options that seem interesting, you must go through the reviews about that place online. It will give you an idea about the place, its services and its distance from various places of attraction in Noosa. Before you finalize any place make sure you have gone through the reviews.

Others things to enjoy in Noosa

Now when you are there in an interesting place like Noosa, why should you just spend time in the cycling event? You can enjoy your holiday in Noosa with the various other activities that it offers to you.

Noosa is a place where you can just relax, forget about the excitement of the cycling! In this sub-tropical paradise, you will seldom find any building that is taller than a tree. And with its lovely beaches, lush hinterland and national parks, it has a lot to offer those who want to spend a few days in Noosa. Moreover, it is just 90kms away from Brisbane; so you may go there any time you want and enjoy the sunshine coast.

Apart from enjoying the natural beauty and the wilderness of the national parks you can also enjoy the food there.  It has its own unique flavor and the restaurants, bistros and food joints are perfect places where you can hang out to savor the food of this region. Not to mention, if you love water sports, then do spend some time in fishing, sailing, water-skiing, surfing or enjoy other options. Check out rw noosa holidays

Thus, Noosa is a place that can be a great place to spend a few days in peace and away from the hectic daily life. However, before you plan, make sure that you have made your bookings with any of the holiday homes Noosa offers.

Holiday Homes in Caloundra – A Home Away from Home

2016 has been estimated to be a highly prospective year for holiday home business in the Sunshine Coast by the Australian Property Monitors. Since the demand for properties in this region is on an ever growing trend, the craze for holiday homes is also on the hike. Moreover, the trend has been traced for holiday homes Caloundra wide as well. Since it is a great way to earn income as well as get quick returns from your investment on a property, holiday home renting is becoming a popular culture among the coastal regions of Queensland, Victoria, and Central Coast, etc. Moreover, according to the real estate critics and economists, the Sunshine Coast has emerged as a lucrative investment for those who are giving a thought to property renting or holiday home renting.

 Tax Benefits on Holiday Home Renting

If you are thinking of renting your property for holiday accommodation Sunshine Coast tourists prefer, you can bet on bagging a greater income scope compared with other rental businesses. Since touring is the most prosperous trend in this region and tourists look for home-like accommodations, you can easily earn high amounts within a short period, which is not possible in annual rental patterns. This at the end of the year helps you to manage your tax dues too.

·        Besides you can expect to grab almost 100% of Capital Allowances as well for the initial 250,000 pound of capital investment you make to establish a well-furnished holiday home.

·        Apart from this, a furnished property like this can also have the advantage of capital gains tax relief if you think of selling the property in the future.

Encouraging Local Economy

Initiating a holiday home business means encouraging the local business around your property as well. Well, as per social norms, accommodation in any place leads to need for basic utilities, market facilities, requirements for shopping, luxury items, food, etc., which means the tourists who will reside in holiday homes will utilize the necessary resources around the region. Moreover, during peak holiday specials Sunshine Coast season, the tourists increase, leading to a huge economic boost in the entire region.

Complete Personalized Ambience

The holiday homes Caloundra market has today are undoubtedly one of the best options as tourists are always looking for calm and quiet stay in the lap of nature. The pristine beauty of nature, a personal home like Sunshine Coast holiday accommodation with your family gives you complete personal space. Enjoy the entire apartment or house as your personal property for the duration. Those who like to be themselves, and enjoy the quintessential feel of personal stay, like to avoid the crowded hotels in the tourism seasons. Holiday homes tend to be the opposite in this respect from hotels. Stay as you like, and let your vacation be a true escape from the maddening crowd of the city or luxury hotels.

You can make sure that your vacation is hassle free, therefore you can book your holiday homes Caloundra offers in advance. You can even arrange for pick up and drop facilities from the transit point with the authorities. Thus, all you need to do is spend your vacation in just another home away from home.

Reasons You Should Go on an Exotic River Cruise

Most travelers have already experienced the fun of being on an ocean cruise trip. But have you ever gone on an exotic river cruise before? If you’re planning on travelling to an Asian country, one of the best things you can expect to experience is having to go on exotic river cruises Vietnam and other countries have to offer. Aside from the famous Yangtze River cruise in China, the Vietnam river cruise is a popular one. You can enjoy this Mekong river cruise Vietnam to Cambodia routes and explore the country away from the usual sidelines and pavement. There are many factors that need to be considered before you take the plunge to enjoy a Vietnam river cruise.

But for those travel enthusiasts who want to get their feet wet, here are some great reasons why going on a Vietnam river cruise is a rewarding addition to your Asia travel itinerary.

River cruises make you more involved and interactive with the locality.

Oftentimes, a Vietnam Mekong river cruising will involve landing on the shore in local boats, going on hikes or walking trips above uneven earth. These nice little shore excursions will definitely make you more adventurous as compared with a stale ocean cruise. You can reach remote destinations with more yet-to-be-discovered wonders and attractions.

River cruises have a more intimate ambience.

Unlike the giant ships involved with ocean cruises, exotic river cruises operate on smaller river cruise vessels that hold no more than a hundred passengers. If you’re not a fan of crowds and you want your travel time to be small and intimate, this is a great way to relax and enjoy the sceneries without distractions. If you’re trying to plan a trip for your beloved, then river cruises are perfect if you plan to enjoy an intimate vacation with him or her.

River cruises will let you discover more beautiful hidden paradise lands.

Exotic river cruise lets you explore the parts of the country that isn’t always included in tourist group travels. These places are usually inaccessible since they are difficult to travel to by yourself thru land. In Vietnam, there are many hidden places that are found in the depths of their rainforests. There are more enjoyment and beautiful memories you can make on a river cruise with your loved ones than just exploring the downtown area.

These river cruises won’t be the same unexplored land again in the future.

This method of travel is beginning to catch on and becoming more popular since more people are appreciating it. This has a good and bad effect, though. It is good that many tourists promote tourism in Vietnam and there is an increase in people who are looking for something more. But this popularity might turn the place into a more commercialized zone. But it isn’t a big problem though. If you have a thing for conquering unexplored paradises and you appreciate authenticity, you should set your sights on the exotic river cruise in Vietnam sooner than later.

For more information, visit at

Choosing your Family’s Next Vacation Destination

There is no harm when your family goes to the same holiday or vacation place each year. It is understandable that you would just like to go with somewhere you are already comfortable with. But it is also important to not overlook trying something new. With new experiences, your desire to travel and explore fresh localities can be sparked. Be it sightseeing at the Great Wall of China, checking out the Grand Canyon, or watching Algarve family attractions like aqua and sea adventure shows with the whole family. When it comes to traveling, there are a myriad of options as there are tourist destinations. How do you choose a vacation destination for you and your family? Here are tips and tricks on how to find your true vacation calling and how to enjoy them, too.

algarve family attractions

The different types of vacations

There are so many things and so many places to consider, making it hard to pick the perfect one. One major factor that decides what kind of vacation you need to plan out is the length of your vacation leave. We all have to work to earn our keep, but this doesn’t mean that you’re restricted to having an awesome vacation! Here are the types of vacations based on the length of time necessary:

Day Trips

If you are only free for the whole day, why not go on a day trip at a local tourist spot? You’d be surprised to find out that there are many destinations that are found right in your own backyard. With this type of vacation, you can save a lot of money on transportation costs, hotel costs, and entrance fees. These car rise trips will eventually lead you to more wanderlust and start planning a vacation trip abroad to ride the waves and play sea sports at Algarve family attractions and aqua shows or hike up the Mount Everest.

Weekend Road Trips

For the whole weekend, it is still possible to get a nice vacation experience. A weekend vacation escapade will let you drive extra miles than on a day trip. You can also stay in a hotel for a night or two. Look for family attractions that are around 7 hours or less away from you. This way, it will still be quite affordable and fun to do. You can leave early then explore an adjacent city for two or three days.

Spur-of-the-moment Trips

Some people either find these kinds of trips amazing or scary. A spontaneous trip can offer different experiences to different people. Some like to go to family attractions Algarve has to offer today well-planned, while some like to enjoy the Algarve attractions unexpectedly and freely without much planning. Although this is not easy to pull off given the real life responsibilities everyone has, it is still worth trying.

Dream Vacations

This kind of vacation is well-planned out in advance, allotted some budget into, and researched and wrote travel itineraries for. A dream vacation can be a ten-day road trip across the USA or maybe an international trip to the exotic country of Portugal to visit the Algarve family attractions and aquatic sports. No matter what type of vacation your family goes for, what really matters is the memories you’ve created with them that made the vacation special. For more details, just visit

Get Your Dream Beach Holiday With Hua Hin Apartment Rentals

Hua Hin apartment rentals offers the ultimate resort environment and comfort facilities that you can ever dream of. These amenities come at an affordable and attractive rental rate that will make your holiday less stressful because you will have a beautiful and comfortable home away from home. Tourists will definitely enjoy the Hua Hin apartment rental which is close to the beach because they will be at the heart of the entertainment all through their holiday.

The rental apartments offer a wide range of facilities that will ensure that your stay in the rental houses is comfortable and enjoyable. The units are located close to the beach. These apartments are immaculately decorated and furnished with top-end quality in mind. The amenities provided give clients a luxurious feel so that they can enjoy their holiday.

Some of the facilities offered at the Hua Hin apartment rental which is close to the beach are 24 Hour security, Swimming pool, Cars Parking space, Kid pool, Garden area, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Jacuzzi, Smoke Detector, Gym, Cable TV and Wireless internet access. There is always something at these Hua Hin apartment rentals close to the beach that will suit the needs and tastes of every traveler. Vacationers can choose from studio apartments along with the one, two or three bedroomed houses.

Hua Hin offers an unforgettable and memorable holiday experience for all vacationers and locals. The locality combines both the attractions of modern and traditional holiday destination with the fascination and charm of an active fishing port. Even though most holiday destinations in Thai cater for foreign travelers, Hua Hin is a destination for both the Thais and foreigners alike.

The Hua Hin beaches provide a great atmosphere and beauty for leisurely activities for the entire family during the sun-filled days. Vacationers can enjoy watersports such as kitesurfing and kiteboarding because of the strong winds and wide beaches.

Family members can also spend their time horse riding along the secluded beach that covers about five miles. There are additional attractions in the area that vacationers can sample out around the town such as the fabulous peaks, the great parks, the waterfalls and the caves.

The beautiful beach that is 5 miles long also has one of the world class golf courses that enthusiasts would not find anywhere else in Thailand. These golf courses offer truly world-class course quality even though they are yet to be discovered as one of the international Golf destinations.

The costs at Hua Hin such as the green fees in the golf courses are generally quite low. They are far below the international standards. The courses have been immaculately maintained and with the great value for money, it is quite a steal. You will be able to enjoy golfing in a serene environment with an old world charm without worrying about the costs hitting your pocket too hardly.

Vacationers can also indulge in total relaxation with the various spa treatments offered at the Escape Spa. The spa offers various programs that have been premeditated to maintain good health and offer a variety of services. This is an excellent way to provide ultimate relaxation for your body, soul and mind. Tourists can also dine at the Red Coral Restaurant, which has a variety of carefully picked global menus including both the Western and Thai dishes.

Visitors will definitely appreciate a special late breakfast service that is offered until 2pm. The restaurant opens every day from 6.30am up until 11pm. If you choose a Hua Hin as your holiday destination, you will never regret because of the beautiful people you will meet and the breathtaking sites that you will visit.

With a Hua Hin apartment rental which is close to the beach, you get to take in all these while enjoying the spectacular scenery and rejuvenating beach environment that is really unmatched anywhere else in Thailand.

Enjoy the gourmet buffet at Sathorn Hotel: Bangkok

We all know the need and benefits of vacation. Someone rightly said that a vacation is that where you change moments into memory. It is no less than a bliss on earth. In today’s times, people go to most popular destinations of the world in vacation. Bangkok is one such destination for vacation seekers. People who are familiar with Bangkok would not miss to mention Sala Daeng, the most popular place in Bangkok. You can find Sathorn hotel with good service and great restaurants in Bangkok. One thing that concerns tourists alike is hotel accomodation and good food. In Bangkok, you have many choices, but Sathorn hotel with good service and great restaurants will surely win your heart. Sathorn hotel with good service and great restaurants has gained lots of tourists who have become its regular customers.

One of the best features of Sathorn hotel is that it has bus shuttle service. As a tourist, you can relax and enjoy the bus ride and witness the beautiful city with no strain. This hotel also offers Limousine service. So if you are on a honeymoon, you can simply enjoy the luxurious Limosine drive with your sweetheart. And if you are a professional, you can comfortably drive down in Limousine for your office meetings. Another unique feature that makes this hotel the best is its fully equipped kitchen with utensils. What else can you dream but a home made food, cooked by you or your loved one.

There are wide variety of suites that Sathorn hotel offers. You can select a designer one or deluxe, an executive, a garden terrace, or even a penthouse. This makes your vacation and stay memorable. All the suites are well equipped with LCD TVs, fast internest connection, and other amenities. For health conscious people, Sathorn hotel has a fitness center and a swimming pool.

One of the best things about vacation is that you can forget your arduous health diet and become gluttonous. The Sathorn hotel has dining facility with a liquid bar and a cafe. You can truly drool over the Thai and Western cuisine and titillate your taste buds without any guilt.

Sathorn hotel takes special interest in the business class of professionals who visit Bangkok for official trips. It offers different rooms for specific requirements from a small room to a board room to a big conference room accomodating around 200 persons. All the rooms have the necessary office equipments like projectors, white boards, and internet connection. This hotel also offers corporate packages which have coffee and buffet lunch.

Sathorn hotel ensures to keep its rooms clean. The housekeeping staff carries out its duties dedicatedly and ensures linens are changed everyday. They also undertake laundry service and do their duties well. Apart from this, there is also a self laundry facility which has washing and driving machines.

To make your vacation more fruitful, Sathorn hotel has spa services with lots of different packages. Food is also served during the spa session.

Nothing more can be said about this wonderful hotel, its services, and its friendly staff. They all add up to make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Rejuvenating Your Life in a Tranquil Koh Samui Resort

Looking for a tranquil Koh Samui resort to relax and enjoy in? Koh Samui is a beautiful island – filled with pristine beaches, tropical gardens, and gentle breezes. It is also a pleasure to relax among swaying palms and sweet scents of Frangipani trees. This island is just barely 80 minutes of flight distance from the capital city of Bangkok as well, offering a perfect getaway trip from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Koh Samui is truly blessed with wonderful hotels and resorts, where tourists can relax and enjoy the country’s tropical weather and natural beauty. Most resorts are also located along the beach front, which extends a breathtaking view of the vast sea and never-ending stretches of white sand. One such place is Prana Beach Villas Resort, one that certainly has the distinction of being a tranquil Koh Samui resort.

Every tourist wants to temporarily escape from their hectic life. Prana Beach Villas Resort is the answer to this problem, being a luxurious and tranquil Koh Samui resort. This resort also offers Garden View Rooms, Beach View Rooms, and the Ultimate Prana Suite.

The Ultimate Prana Suite has its own private pool, sundeck, and spacious indoors. There is also a living room with a separate bedroom, a luxurious bathroom with a large soaking bathtub and a rain shower, hair dryer, bathrobe, slippers, and exclusive bathroom amenities. For your convenience, there is a tea/coffee maker, mini-bar, electronic safe for valuables, in-room Wi-Fi access, and direct dialing telephone line. This air-conditioned room has a cable/satellite plasma TV for your entertainment as well.

The Garden View Rooms and the Beach View Rooms come with similar amenities, except for the private Jacuzzi. Garden View Rooms have terraces that overlook beautifully-landscaped gardens of the resort. Beach View Rooms offer a view of the sea front from the terrace. Aside from all these listed amenities, the resort arranges for iron and ironing boards – as well as baby cots on request.

For a wonderful dining experience, there is the Nadimos Lebanese Restaurant – offering delectable goodies prepared by a Lebanese chef, along with ingredients imported from Lebanon to retain authenticity. Enjoy traditional Lebanese dishes such as Tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, hummus, and kebabs. Fulfill your sweet cravings with riz bil hallib, which is rice and milk pudding with rose syrup. Your gastronomic journey will not be complete without the famous Lebanese coffee as well.

Prana Beach Villas has other facilities for use – including swimming pools, spas on the beach, CCTV cameras for security, private parking, and unlimited Wi-Fi access in the room and anywhere in the resort. They also have airport transfer services, car rentals, tour desks to guide you for sightseeing, baby-sitting, laundry/pressing services, and last but not the least – a highly-efficient and cordial room service, which can be availed between 7am to 11 pm.

For adventurous people who like to venture into exciting activities rather than just laze around in the resort, Koh Samui has a lot to offer. Aside from the soothing scenery and shoreline, mountains on the island beckon eager hikers. For water lovers, there are also activities for you such as scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and sailing.

There is no end to ways that you can pamper yourself in this resort. Between 10am to 7 pm, indulge in some rejuvenating body massage at the Spa on the Beach. Trained professionals also give a special honey mango scrub massage or a cool Aloe Vera gel massage. These massages help exfoliate the full body and relax the muscles.

Prana means life and an experience in this resort will certainly add a fresh breath in your life.


Everyone has a reason to migrate in a new country. You might be looking for a fresh start in life, seeking a place of safety, studies, or landed a high-paying job contract. Whatever reason you may have, moving to another country is an exciting experience and most people can hardly wait to travel and settle in their new homes. Of course, the migration process takes more than just applying a passport and purchasing an air ticket. In most countries like Australia, you are required to apply for an eligible visa and meet certain requirements/conditions before you are granted an entry access. The complexities involved in filling up paperworks require the expertise and the help of migration agents as a simple mistake can nullify your application.

migration agents

Most people migrating to Australia find the process harder and frustrating than they initially thought. In fact, many would argue that the strict sets of requirements are only meant to keep immigrants away from the country. While it is true that the process can be wearisome, this is meant to make sure that the high standards of Australian society are well-maintained. In any case, Australia offers over a hundred migration visas, therefore increasing your chances of getting entry, provided that you have the right type of visa.

In simple terms, a migration agent is your best option of successfully applying for a visa in Australia, easing the process on moving to your destination of choice within the country. Thus, it is important to choose a qualified visa service provider with the knowledge and the experience, helping you filter through various rules and regulations, as stipulated by Australia’s migration laws.

Who is a qualified migration agent?

From a simple look-up on the internet, there are quite a number of visa services providers who are ready to help you relocate in Australia. You obviously can’t hire the first agent that you see, so how can you tell of a qualified migration agent?

1.   Must be registered by Migration Agents Regulatory Authority (MARA)

This should be the first thing to look at. All qualified agents are registered under the MARA and have a registration number. If you are looking to hire one online, check their website for a logo from MARA (mostly, you would find this at the bottom of their home page). If you can locate it, ask the agent to provide their registration number and you can confirm whether they are registered or not.

2.   Should be experienced

There are two ways to evaluate the experience of migration agents:

–      Services offered – The agent should be able to help clients acquire different migration visas including skilled visa, visa 457, student visa, tourist visa, and business visa Australia among others.

–      Reviews – What are past clients saying about the agents? You could check online for reviews, through their website and forums. Also, you could ask around if you know someone who has dealt with them before.

In conclusion, migrating to a new country is an experience like no other. It takes a lot of investments, both emotional and financial as it is never easy to relocate. In addition, the migration process needs to be flawless, which is why you need to contact a professional migration agent in order to simplify and maximize your visa opportunities. For more information visit

Best Time to Cruise the Mekong River

Nowadays, traveling is so fast paced and more focused on getting to a destination rather than enjoying the journey. If you want to be able to sit back and relax, you need to go on a cruise. A river cruise, to be specific, is very calming and allows you to truly be at peace while you’re on vacation. If you’re looking for something exotic, cultural and unique, you need to book a trip to one of the Mekong River tours in Vietnam or Cambodia. This mighty river stretches across many countries, which therefore gives you the opportunity to see and visit multiple countries in one trip.

Mekong River Tours

About the Mekong River

The Mekong River is an important river system not just in Vietnam or Cambodia, but to the rest of Southeast Asia. It links several countries and the longest river in this part of Southeast Asia. The river originates in China and flows all the way through several countries including Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Some parts of the river come with swift rapids and steep descents, but the part near Cambodia and Vietnam are suited for boats to navigate in. For this reason, cruise boat tours are popular from Saigon to Siem Reap along the Mekong River.

Aside from the calm river water, the temperature along the Mekong basin is another factor that is suitable for touring. The average temperature is 23 to 32 degree Celsius. The upper basin of the river is expected to offer more temperature variation than the southern portion of the river basin. Therefore, try to look for Mekong River tours that are located near the southern basin to ensure more favorable conditions for a river cruise.

When to Take on the Cruise

In order to determine the best time to book CF Mekong cruise from Phnom Penh to Saigon, you need to know about the forecast weather conditions in the nearby countries or cities. In Vietnam, there are two seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season is from November to April. The rainy season takes place from May to October. You should therefore time your Mekong River tours booking for the dry season to ensure that you can best enjoy the sights of the river cruise.

If you want to avoid the sweltering heat of Southeast Asia, you should visit sometime in November to January. This will ensure that there is limited amount of rainfall but still cool enough to explore Vietnam and Cambodia via cruise. For safety concerns, operators of CF Mekong Siem Reap to Phnom Penh boat are not allowed to sail during the rainy season. In fact, the tour operators look at weather forecast before embarking on a river cruise to ensure that there is no storm or rain on the way. To avoid the possibility of your river tour being cancelled, it is best to book your tour on the dry season.

Planning smart is crucial to enjoying the full river cruise experience at the Mekong River. It is also important to research ahead of time so you will maximize your time during your travel. For more details, just visit


Things To Do in Algarve

Algarve is easily one of the most beautiful in Portugal. It is one of the most visited places in Europe with more than seven million tourists every year. The reason why it is widely visited is because you can do a lot of things in the area. Whether you are the laid back type of person that prefers long romantic walks along the coastline or you are the party animal that likes dusk till dawn parties, then this place is certainly for you. Even if you are a family person that wants to enjoy with the kids there are activities for the whole family that will make it all worthwhile. Some of these activities include watching the aqua show Algarve has and many others. Check out here for more info. Aqua show Algrave

Aquashow Algarve

Algarve at a glance

Algarve is located at the southernmost tip of a beautiful country that faces the Atlantic Ocean: Portugal. It is the third richest region in the country with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of just the south of twenty thousand euros per capita. Its GDP per capita is equivalent to eighty six percent of the European Average. These numbers mean that while Algarve has a very rich marine ecosystem, it has a thriving modern corporate world.

With that being said, because Algarve is a coastal community, its main selling point is its beaches and its marine wildlife. This is why the aqua show Algarve has are huge hits because they showcase both endemic species and some species that are not native to the area. The aqua show Algarve has will surely entertain your kids! So, once in Algarve you should definitely give it a try.

Activities to enjoy

Aside from the aqua show Algarve has, there are a lot of other activities that you can enjoy in the area. One of the exciting and educational activities that will make you appear as Superman to your kids is shark fishing. Don’t get that wrong, you are not fishing for sharks because you want to eat them. You just want a closer look at them. You’ll be releasing them right away.

Other activities such as diving and snorkeling are also activities to consider if you think shark fishing is a tad dangerous for you. Skim boarding along the coastline is a good activity if you want to teach your kids something about water sports. Then at night, when the kids are asleep, you and your partner can go down downtown and head to sports bars and clubs to grab a beer or two. And lastly of course, the aqua show is always there to mesmerize the kids. Read more at Algarve Family Attractions

Things to remember

If you are coming from another country (not from Portugal) always make sure that you have everything ready for you. Make sure that all your paperworks are done, your insurances are secured and you have a contingency plan in case something happens. Another thing to remember is that you are going to spend a lot of time in the beach and in the open. This means that you are going to be exposed to a lot of sunlight. And sunlight means ultra violet light that can be harmful. So, protect your body and bring your sunblock and shades with you. Lastly, remind your kids about proper behavior when it comes to an aqua show. These animals can be pretty hostile if provoked.